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Smoking Addiction

Smoking and addictions

Is it time to do something about your addiction? You don’t need to feel this way any longer.

As an approved RTT therapist for addictions, I have the necessary experience and skills required to help you let go of your dependency.

Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) in particular is extremely effective at helping with addiction recovery.

If you are committed to making a change in your life, then it is possible to free yourself from habits that no longer work for you.

With Rapid Transformational Therapy  you will feel free and at last live a happy life.

Addiction be it alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex, gambling or shopping can be effectively given up in one to three RTT sessions.

With Rapid Transformational Therapy we can discover what lies behind that addiction and transform the behaviour, enabling you to make the choices that are good and right for you – giving you a free future. If you are committed to making a change then please book a call.

This is Peter’s testimonial:

Stubbing Out the Struggle: How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Finally Quit Smoking

For years, cigarettes were my constant companion. That first puff in the morning, the social smoke break with colleagues, the way a cigarette “calmed” my nerves – it was a deeply ingrained habit. But the truth was, the comfort it offered was a fleeting illusion. The health warnings loomed large, the cough lingered, and the rising cost gnawed at my wallet. I desperately wanted to quit, but the thought of facing withdrawal and cravings filled me with dread. I’d tried patches, gum, even going cold turkey, but each time, the allure of a cigarette proved too strong.

Then, I discovered hypnotherapy, specifically Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). Skeptical at first, I was drawn to the idea of addressing the root cause of my smoking – the psychological dependence. During my initial consultation, the hypnotherapist, a calming and reassuring presence, explained how RTT could help. Unlike traditional therapy, it wouldn’t involve dwelling on the past, but rather, reprogramming my subconscious mind to view smoking differently.

The session itself felt transformative. Guided by the hypnotherapist’s soothing voice, I drifted into a deeply relaxed state. Vivid imagery and positive suggestions replaced the negative associations I had with quitting. I envisioned myself, smoke-free, energetic, and in control of my health. The therapist planted the seeds of a newfound belief: I wasn’t just quitting smoking, I was choosing a healthier, happier life.

Stepping out of the session, I felt a lightness I hadn’t experienced in years. The cigarette pack in my pocket suddenly felt foreign, almost repulsive. The urge to smoke, that constant companion, was replaced by a newfound sense of empowerment.

The days that followed weren’t entirely free of cravings. However, the tools and techniques learned during RTT – deep breathing exercises and positive affirmations – helped me navigate them with newfound strength. The urge became a passing thought, not a relentless pull.

Today, I’m several months smoke-free, and it feels incredible. My breathing is easier, my taste and smell are sharper, and I have more energy than ever. But the most significant change is mental. I no longer feel like a slave to cigarettes. I’m in control, and the sense of accomplishment is exhilarating.

If you’re struggling to quit smoking, like I was, don’t give up on yourself. Hypnotherapy, particularly RTT, can be the key that unlocks the door to a smoke-free future. It’s an investment in your health, your happiness, and ultimately, your life. Take that first step today, and breathe easy.

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