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Confidence & Self Esteem

Rapid Transformation Therapy RTT can reactivate and regenerate the innate confidence we are all born with. Become naturally confident, self-assured and at ease around people by gaining confidence and self-esteem. 

You can be free from anxiety and depression and you can truly like yourself, by working on your confidence and self-esteem.

If you are ready to get to the root of why your confidence is not where it could be and would like to have great Self Esteem, RTT can help you achieve that quickly.

The most common comment my clients say to me is: “I wish I’d done this sooner”  Why wait any longer?

It’s time to live your life happy. Whether it’s just to be more confident in work situations, giving speeches and talks or social gatherings,  Imagine with RTT you can  be.

Be in no doubt that RTT works! One to three sessions can change your whole life and how you feel about yourself.

I am an approved RTT therapist for self-confidence issues and I’ve helped many people regain their self-confidence permanently!

Not taking action means you aren’t living the life that you deserve to be living. Whatever is beneath the confidence issue you have,  it is with almost 100% certainty your reason which is holding you back is out of date and has nothing to do with who you are now.

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How can a life coach help someone who is experiencing low self esteem?

Low self esteem is a subjective evaluation of your own work. It does not have any proof or objectivity to it.

That simply means that when we think about ourselves without any objectivity without any proof, we just think of ourselves as somebody who is not good enough.

Somebody who just feels that they’re not worthy! Now that is what I really mean when I’m talking about low self esteem. Low self esteem happens because of events in our life and then the stories that we keep telling ourselves.  It is mostly  a function of us telling ourselves some negative self talk, that we started telling ourselves maybe when we were kids, or even when we were adults, and we just keep telling ourselves that self talk and we keep telling ourselves and keep telling ourselves until it becomes our truth. And because it becomes our truth, now we are in a constant state of low self esteem and lack of confidence.

Sometimes it’s situational to particular areas of life and sometimes it is for everything in life. 

 As a coach my job is to countermeasures that with you and start to turn your self talk from something that’s negative to something that’s more positive.

Most of us don’t know how to actually fundamentally make sustainable, long lasting change, with coaching using extraordinary tools and NLP we get to the root and find out who are and who you want to be.

I like to think of confidence as a big red balloon that can either soar or deflate. Depending on what you think and believe it can carry you along.

What is that thing that you are using as an excuse to opt out of the life that you really want?
According to a Harvard psychology study, the brain actually can’t differentiate between a real memory and an imagined one. This is why visualisation is so important.

Choose to live the life you imagined today.

 Something that I was aware from a young age, when you go against what society expects you to do, you stand out.  It makes people nervous because they don’t want to be reminded they don’t shine like that. It has had people wondering and sometimes asking where do you get your confidence from?

It time to be the person you want be.